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Shooting in Natural light

Speedlights, studio strobes and the related modifiers are all great tools for you to use as a photographer. They allow you to control the way your scene is lit. But there is no light like that of the sun and no light modifier or GOBO like the ones made by mother nature. So why not make use of it? It’s why many photographers abandon the studio and take their sessions outdoors. There are however a few things that you have to keep in mind if you want to get the best results when shooting outdoors with natural light. Read More

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Tuesday 2016

The Main Event

This is what we have all been waiting for. Trinidad and Tobago carnival climaxes on Carnival Tuesday. This is the day the we witness all the what the whole country has been building up to for the 3 months prior. The high point is the visual spectacle. As usual I was there and I took a few photos. Read More

Kiddies Carnival 2016

Its carnival time again and its the one time of the year that you are really glad that you have a really good camera. Now carnival has become a strange dichotomy. You have on the one end a seemingly bottomless well of imagination and creativity and on the on the other end you have a cut copy and paste culture pandering to the lowest common denominator. To me it doesn’t matter. whether its recycled stuff or new ideas there is plenty to shoot. Read More

Its Carnival time again

Its Carnival time once again in Trinidad and Tobago and as usual I will be out about taking pictures of the festivities (at least the ones where they allow you to take pictures). Last Friday was the Launch of Carnival 2016 in Port of Spain. Slipped away from the office and managed to capture a couple of snaps. Read More

My Trip to New York

So the inspiration for this trip came mostly from David Hobby’s training course on titled The Travelling Photographer: New York. It was in large part responsible for the places I chose to visit. Its a fantastic course that I highly recommend It really made me want to explore and experience Manhattan and well travel in general.

The first thing that strikes you about this place in just the scale of things. I leave my hotel on Atlantic avenue and head straight into the subway on Fullerton. After a crash course in subway Read More