Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Tuesday 2016

The Main Event

This is what we have all been waiting for. Trinidad and Tobago carnival climaxes on Carnival Tuesday. This is the day the we witness all the what the whole country has been building up to for the 3 months prior. The high point is the visual spectacle. As usual I was there and I took a few photos.

The Carnival Parade of the bands is actually a competition. Bands are judged at judging points where they display there costumes in front of judges who then rank them based on certain criteria. I don’t know what the all the criteria are but I know creativity is one of them.

Most people are concerned about the competition. Most people, especially the masqueraders are here for the street party.

IMG_6651 Trinidad Carnival 2016The Queen’s Park Savannah is the where the main judging point is and it where you want to be if you want a guaranteed a shot at the action. As a result it also the most congested and the most regulated as far as access goes. The shot you see above was taken just near the entrance to the QPS just before the barriers start.


IMG_6633 Trinidad Carnival 2016

One of the few male individuals in this band. Women masqueraders usually out number men 10-1 but most of the large bands will have a dedicated king and queen.


If your into taking pictures I would suggest you start early. These costumes were essentially designed to last one day. Masquerader make-up even less than that so it makes sense to get out there early and get them while they are fresh.


IMG_6719 Trinidad Carnival 2016

Carnival is about being colorful expressive a lot of people will take a standard costume design and put there own personal spin on it.


IMG_6921 Trinidad Carnival 2016Some people thrive on being original and different from the rest.

IMG_7053 Trinidad Carnival 2016Every carnival band is a portrayal. This portrayal is usually broken up into parts so that every band will usually be comprised of multiple sections. When bands cross the judging point they will most likely have all their masqueraders organized into their respective section as this is how the band leader wants his art displayed. However once the leave the judging point its back to party mode and everyone just gets in where they could fit in. Good luck trying to find the people you came with.

IMG_6898 Trinidad Carnival 2016 That feeling of release. Its what Trinidadians look forward to on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. You can see it their faces.

IMG_6694 Trinidad Carnival 2016

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