Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Monday 2016

The greatest show on earth.

As in previous years I was there, in Port of  Spain, photographing the people and the costumes of carnival Monday and Tuesday. The full album is on Flickr but I just though I should share some of the best. So what was there to see on Carnival Monday and Tuesday? Well there is a lot to see. If you know my work through your you know I tend to focus on the spectacular people of the bands. The performers who the display the art. The girls!

As with last year I am shooting with my Canon EOS 6D and 24-105mm IS L. This year it was the only lenses I used. If anything I need to travel lite. New for this year is the Canon 600ex-rt. Performance wise it’s not supposed to be much of a change from the 580exII but as I mentioned in another post it seems to provide a more even exposure on the EOS 6D. The throw is about the same though despite the fact that the specifications say otherwise

Depending on the group you encounter everybody’ priorities are different. Some are concerned about having a good time, others are concerned about looking good. Both are them are happy to see a man with a camera. Not too concerned where the picture ends up. Just to know that its recorded (and presumably displayed somewhere is enough for them)



At this point it may seem that the costumes are a bit underwhelming for what is billed as the greatest show on earth but that is by the design. On Monday masqueraders are dressed in more party appropriate garb. These are the “real” costumes, although in most cases they are actually part of the package that masquerader pays for, the “real” costumes are saved for Tuesday. Monday is just to have fun

IMG_6574 Carnival Monday Ariapita Ave.
Carnival Monday Ariapita Ave.


Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016. Jamaican fans


Carnival Monday 2016 south side of the Queen’s Park Savannah




Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Monday 2016 bikini mas


Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016 bikini mas. Arm tatoos


see the rest of carnival monday in my flickr album or on my facebook album.

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