Model Shoot on the Beach

So early one Sunday morning in March I met up with a model by the name of Alana to do a test shoot on Las Cuevas Beach. It was our first time working together but there was a great energy and a great vibe from the beginning.

This shoot was going to be natural light only. I talk about some of what you need to look for when doing natural light shoots here.

Now Las Cuevas beach is one long ass beach. I can testify to that because I forgot some things in the car and had to make the trip a few times to the car park. Next time I’ll make sure make a list and like check it twice before I leave the car.

Music really helps to get people in the mood. It can help talent that may be new to modeling or just shy relax and pose more naturally. So that’s why next time the Bluetooth speaker will be on the top of the aforementioned list that I will be checking twice before I leave the car park.

It’s a good thing I walked with the insect repellent cause the sand flies on this beach mean business. As a matter of fact even with the insect repellant they will still bite you they just won’t be happy about it I guess. 

I didn’t really have a theme for this shoot. It was just about showcasing the talent and her potential. 

I think we did OK if I do say so myself.


Model: Alana
Shot with all natural light
Canon 85mm 1.8 lens/ Tamron 70-200 2.8 vc /  Canon EOS 6d


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