Hi my name is Phillip Burrows. I am a photographer based in republic of Trinidad and Tobago Got my first camera way back in 2006 (dam has it really been that long?) and have been on a path of exploration ever since. I really enjoy to creative process and i really want to share the results of that process with the world. You can see some of what i have done on my Flickr page and well as my dedicated Facebook page.

What is ttpix?

Ttpix is the showcase of the work of Phillip burrows.

Why not Phillip Burrows photography?

Good question. 1st off that name is just too long. That’s not good for a number of reasons, makes the website address to hard to remember and too long to type. Also try saying Phillip burrows photography over loud music in a wedding reception or a party, you just end up spitting all over some ones ear.

Secondly while most sites act as an extension of the artist I wanted this site to be an entity onto itself. Its own separate brand. This gives it the freedom to expand beyond me and photography. Possibly post from other artist in the same field

I also feel that there is a lot that i have to share with the world beyond just photography so the intention is to use the site as platform for views and opinion of subjects that matter to me. Also to use the platform to share ideas and inspirations from those who I admire and respect.

I am a social guy