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Shooting in Natural light

Speedlights, studio strobes and the related modifiers are all great tools for you to use as a photographer. They allow you to control the way your scene is lit. But there is no light like that of the sun and no light modifier or GOBO like the ones made by mother nature. So why not make use of it? It’s why many photographers abandon the studio and take their sessions outdoors. There are however a few things that you have to keep in mind if you want to get the best results when shooting outdoors with natural light. Read More

Pictures Without Colour

When I took these pictures back in November of 2016 they were delivered to the client in full color. Most of the time you have a good idea of what your client is looking for so you develop a workflow around delivering that expectation. However once the work is delivered and the client is satisfied you know have the freedom to be creative. Read More

Quick Set-up Speedlite Studio

My friend calls me one day and says he wants some photographs of the band Freetown Collective. His main goal is to promote an event he is having in the upcoming weeks. He also thinks it’s a good idea for the band to have professional photographs for any future PR. Now, shooting musicians is not my forte but i figured I’d give it a try.

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