Kiddies Carnival 2016

Its carnival time again and its the one time of the year that you are really glad that you have a really good camera. Now carnival has become a strange dichotomy. You have on the one end a seemingly bottomless well of imagination and creativity and on the on the other end you have a cut copy and paste culture pandering to the lowest common denominator. To me it doesn’t matter. whether its recycled stuff or new ideas there is plenty to shoot. Read More

Its Carnival time again

Its Carnival time once again in Trinidad and Tobago and as usual I will be out about taking pictures of the festivities (at least the ones where they allow you to take pictures). Last Friday was the Launch of Carnival 2016 in Port of Spain. Slipped away from the office and managed to capture a couple of snaps. Read More

My Trip to New York

So the inspiration for this trip came mostly from David Hobby’s training course on titled The Travelling Photographer: New York. It was in large part responsible for the places I chose to visit. Its a fantastic course that I highly recommend It really made me want to explore and experience Manhattan and well travel in general.

The first thing that strikes you about this place in just the scale of things. I leave my hotel on Atlantic avenue and head straight into the subway on Fullerton. After a crash course in subway Read More

Pictures Gone forever

So photography has been a hobby of mine for over 10 years. Over that time i had amassed at least 700 gigabytes of JPEGs, CR2raw files, MPEG files and MOV files not to mention the associated Lightroom catalog and backups of the catalog. Depending on who you are that may seem like a lot or it could seem like a drop in the bucket. The real issue is that it was that it was irreplaceable. Read More

Technology Events @ pagoda

Pagoda is a locally funded co-working space that is focused on tech start-ups in Trinidad and Tobago. The brain child of Fabien Taylor and Lisa McCarthy Pagoda aims to create the Eco system that will foster the next generation of technology companies in Trinidad and Tobago. There is also a focus of advancing modern ideas and a new progressive thinking culture among the members and eventually the wider population of TnT. Technology Events.  Read More

Quick Set-up Speedlite Studio

My friend calls me one day and says he wants some photographs of the band Freetown Collective. His main goal is to promote an event he is having in the upcoming weeks. He also thinks it’s a good idea for the band to have professional photographs for any future PR. Now, shooting musicians is not my forte but i figured I’d give it a try.

Read More

Carnival Tuesday Trinidad 2015

The real Mas begins

Monday was just a primer. Tuesday is the real show. Tuesday is the day when you get to see the full costume which ironically these days somehow translates to less costume. Anyway this is the day that if there was spectacle to see you would see it. I do find that in recent years said spectacle is becoming less and less about Mas and portrayal and more and more about being with the in crowd for the street party. None the less there is still much to see.


You can see the full album by clicking the link to the Facebook album or the Flickr album.

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2015

Carnival Monday in Trinidad

As of the time of this post Carnival 2015 has now come and gone. All we are left with now is the memories, sore feet and in some cases a raging hangover to remind us of what was billed as the greatest show on earth. Well actually we have a bit more than that. We got the pictures! Those of us lucky enough to be part of the big street party know 1st hand that its difficult for these two dimensional images to do it justice. But hey its a start. Here is just a sample of the Monday Mas.



See the full Carnival Monday album here on flickr  or here on facebook.