Technology Events @ pagoda

Pagoda is a locally funded co-working space that is focused on tech start-ups in Trinidad and Tobago. The brain child of Fabien Taylor and Lisa McCarthy Pagoda aims to create the Eco system that will foster the next generation of technology companies in Trinidad and Tobago. There is also a focus of advancing modern ideas and a new progressive thinking culture among the members and eventually the wider population of TnT. Technology Events. 

My role is basically part of a media team. So I cover some of the events that are held in the “space”. The particular event you see here is an ongoing series called Conversations. Conversations is just what it sounds like. It’s a bringing together of some of the top minds in the technology and business community as well as the general public to share ideas on a particular topic. The topics are usually related to Technology, mobile tech and commerce as it relates to entrepreneurs in Trinidad and Tobago.

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