Carnival 2015 Junior Parade of the Bands

Kiddies Carnival Rules

Usually we associate carnival Monday and carnival Tuesday with beauty color and splendor however I would suggest that if you are really serious about seeing real creativity and amazing costumes look at the weekend before carnival the Monday and Tuesday. Whether you call it kiddies carnival or the the Junior parade of the bands, there is certainly nothing childish about the level of talent in both the masquerader and the costume design on display. I have to say that I was literally blown away by what I saw on display. The colors were bright and vivid, the portrayals obviously had dept and story and not and cloth for days for both boys and girls. this as you would understand is in stark contrast to what is on display with the adults on Monday and Tuesday. Kiddies carnival at its core may have just been an attempt to provide the youngsters with an imitation of what mommy and daddy have but it would seem to me that roles should be reversed.

You can find links to more pictures here on Flickr.

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